Below is a list of costs for items typically associated with taking out a mortgage loan. This list may not include every possible fee you may encounter. The majority of these fees are standard but not all may apply to your particular loan. Many fees are percentage based and this chart is designed for guide purposes only.

Beware of any company asking for large upfront fees! The only items you should consider paying out of pocket are for credit report, title search, credit counseling, appraisal or Lender property inspection. With the exception of large commercial deals 500k plus I strongly advise you NOT to pay any large upfront “due diligence fees.”


Item Description Price Range Dollars and or %
Mortgage Broker Fee Fee Paid to Mortage Broker upon closing loan Varies depending on deal but is typically a flat fee or based on loan amount Typically 0%-10%
Appraisal or Lender Inspection Fee
Fee paid to Appraiser, Realtor, or Lender for property valuation purposes. You may be asked to pay this in advance. This is a fee you typically will pay up front out of pocket. Varies based on type of appraisal or inspection. Can vary based on property type & size. Typically $250-$500
Processing Fee Fee paid to Broker or Lender company for processing file. Can vary greatly depending on file type and type. Also if Processor is in house or independent contractor Range can vary from a flat fee or a percentage of the loan amount.
Underwriting Fee Fee paid to Lender or Bank for reviewing documents. Typically a flat rate. Ranges vary but the typically from $495 - $1295
Wire Fee Fee for transferring funds usually charged by banks and title companies Fee is usually a flat rate Usually $35-$65
Doc Prep Fee Fee for preparing loan documents for disclosures, loan documents Fee varies but typical range is $250 to $995
Credit Report Fee Fee charged for pulling credit report by Mortgage Company or Lending institution This is a fee that companies may ask you to pay in advance. Fees are standard range usually $30-$60
Title Closing Fee Fee charged by title company to facilitate the transaction This cost may encompass several different services that would otherwise appear as line item charges. Fee may vary but range is typically $450 - $1,250
Notary Fee Fee charged usually by 3rd party for providing notary services associated with a loan closing This cost may vary depending on if the Notary is traveling to the Borrower. Range is usually $100-$300
Lenders Title Insurance Fee charged by title company for required title insurance This cost is regulated by most states & based on loan amount. $5.75 per $1,000 insured up to 100k then $5 up to 1MM
Owners Title Insurance Optional fee for your own title insurance Same as a Lender’s policy & based on loan amount. $5.75 per $1,000 insured up to 100k then $5 up to 1MM
Title Search
Fee paid to title company to research property to search for prior liens. You may be asked to pay this in advance. Prices may vary bit most title companies charge about the same Range is typically $90-$150
Recording Fees Fee paid to local courts for recording mortgage, note, etc Regulated fee based on number of pages Varies by county etc but typically $10 for 1st page and a lessor amount for each additional page
State County State Tax Stamps Fee paid to City County and State Based on loan amount Can vary based by county but is % based on loan amount
Home Owners Insurance Fee you pay to insurer to purchase home owners insurance Range is very broad based on type of home size location etc Range is could be $500 to 5k plus annually depending.
Flood Insurance If you are in a flood zone the Lender will require you have it. If you do not live in a flood zone the price drops well off. Too broad a range to quote.
Credit Counseling
Fee paid to 3rd party for credit counseling services. May be required depending on the type of loan you are getting. May be required to be paid in advance. Range varies depending on service provider. Fee is usually $50 -$200